No matter what type of vehicle you drive, there comes a time to buy new tires. Purchasing the right tires for your vehicle should be a top priority. Crews Chevrolet has a fantastic selection of name-brand tires for sale. Did you recently buy a new Chevrolet? If so, we will help you keep track of the tires and their condition. When the time comes to replace them, our service department is ready to help.

Match the Tires

As you likely know, even similar vehicles rely on different tires. All makes and models of trucks, cars, and SUVs require specific tire sizes. If you look on the side of any tire, you will see alphanumeric indicators that provide information about size and more. Our Summerville service team will research the right tires for your vehicle and then provide you with a selection.

Differences do exist among tires produced by various manufacturers. Your Chevy could fit tires from several makers, but which particular ones do you want? Maybe tires that last 80,000 miles are preferable. What about purchasing a full-sized spare tire? The time might be right to switch to winter or summer tires. Our representatives are here to discuss the best tire purchase for North Charleston customers’ budgets.

Routine Service

Request routine tire service at any time. Drivers should check their vehicle tires routinely, as problems could develop. Our service technicians can measure the air pressure, check the sidewalls for blisters and cracks, and examine the tread depth. If there’s anything wrong with the tires, a technician could let you know. Sometimes, tires require replacing ahead of schedule. Since it’s not safe to drive on worn or damaged tires, making the switch to new ones seems wise.


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Schedule tire service or installation at our Summerville location today. Whether you’re in Goose Creek or Mt. Pleasant, contact us to learn more.

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