At Crews Chevrolet, we wish to convey the supreme importance of a healthy tire assortment with winter on the way in North Charleston.

Not only does seasons' change mean a drop in daytime temperatures, but it also portends the need of appropriate servicing for all weather to come. And given our Summerville climate, we might need all the help mustered in a vehicle well prepared for overnight ice events, offshore storms moving up the coast or occasional snow with Jetstream dips.

Robust tires making all the difference near Goose Creek.

Tire Integrity, Vitality – Essential to Safety in Mt. Pleasant

It may seem so simple when considered: Take care of your tires and they'll take care of traveling.

And it's with this slight anecdote Crews Chevrolet wishes to explain to our dedicated client base the absolute necessity of tires in good health.

Being ready for everything a Summerville road may throw is of paramount importance with leaves and seasonal debris covering roadways. Add a spate of continuous rain during a Goose Creek commute, and you've got an array of hazards unwanted.

By making an appointment for tire servicing at our state-of-art service center on the Crews Chevrolet campus, you're enhancing safety and performance in one fell swoop.

So, let's explore the nuances to tire servicing at Crews Chevrolet in time for the holiday driving season:

Tire Rotations

Having tires rotated from well to well does much to encourage tire vitality. By doing so every few thousand miles, you're effectively mitigating uneven wear. Though if patterns of unusual wear are present upon tire treads, it may signal issues with wheel alignment, brakes systems or axle health.

As a friendly tip, it's good practice to time tire rotations to oil changes at Crews Chevrolet near Mt. Pleasant.

Tire Tread Inspections

The rubber composition of tires seems to be a magnet for all things laying on road surfaces. Should you pull off to the shoulder or drive through painted swaths of traffic patterns, it's likely a screw, nut or bolt may find itself lodged within your tire.

From that point, you'll hear a constant clicking sound while driving. Or tire pressure levels will steadily and slowly drop to a point where the tire is flattened. Sidewalls too may see objects lodged, as well as significant and rather ominous cracking where walls meet with treads.

In all, tire servicing at Crews Chevrolet is comprehensive. The goal being your continued safety throughout Summerville.

Tire Inflation

With tire servicing, each tire is tested for proper inflation levels. By ensuring tires harbor the recommended inflation parameters, it decreases the odds of blowouts or the lodging of foreign objects while driving. Low inflation levels are very accepting of nails.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing at Crews Chevrolet is handled every day by our factory-trained tire technicians. In this, it's important weight is evenly distributed amongst your tire assortment and within tires themselves. This ensures enhanced fuel efficiency and proper steering, without the shuddering and shaking evident of a balancing issue.

Wheel Rim Inspections

Perhaps a dinged rim is making driving a bit rough. During tire servicing, wheel rims are examined for anything amiss. Any damage to the site where rims are sealed to tires will hamper performance and safety.

Tire Replacement

If at any time during servicing tires are found too worn for continued service, don’t fret. With a vast supply of new tires for all Chevrolet models on-hand near North Charleston, tire replacements are handled while you wait.

Crews Chevrolet – All-Important Tire Servicing in Time for Winter

Check out service and parts specials as they relate to tire servicing at Crews Chevrolet. And make your tire servicing appointment today.

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