At Crews Chevrolet, we wish to convey the three main things that could go wrong with car batteries in Summerville. And should something be amiss, we offer GM certified battery servicing daily. Service and GM parts' specials may also apply.

Car Batteries – All Important to Chevy Efficiency in Goose Creek

All Chevrolet models comprise myriad systems drawing power from the battery one time.

Therefore, if your battery is not up to the task, these very same Chevrolet systems will suffer while hindering safety and performance. And with winter looming, a battery able to handle fluctuations in temperature from evening to daytime in Mt. Pleasant should be of paramount importance.

At Crews Chevrolet, we acknowledge batteries may sometimes fail on your way to Rainbow Row. And by understanding the following things that could go wrong with car batteries near North Charleston, the more prepared you'll be. This ensured by battery servicing at Crews Chevrolet.

Vehicle Starting Issues

One of the first signs to a battery waning in power and storage capacity is the starting process. When turning the key, there might be hesitation prior to the engine turning over. This may simply stem from an older battery. Given the longevity of Chevrolet vehicles today, that battery installed during assembly will see many thousands of miles at the Edge of America before age begins its slow crawl.

The premise here is to keep atop of battery maintenance by timing it with oil changes at Crews Chevrolet. This way, you're always apprised of battery health and vitality well prior to needing a jumpstart from a good Samaritan in the Lowcountry.

Battery Toxicity – Dangerous Beyond Belief

With a vehicle battery left to its own devices, the toxicity of battery acids and fluids encased will surely create a blue-colored caking around outer plugs and connections. By no means should a layperson handle or clean battery surfacing on their own.

In fact, the caustic nature of such fluids is so pronounced, should it get onto clothes or skin, the injury will see skin irreversibly damaged. Internal health issues may also be encountered.

During battery servicing at Crews Chevrolet, we take great care to clear your vehicle battery for its eventual testing with computerized equipment. As well, the integrity of the battery casing itself will also undergo examination to uncover leaks or piercing.

Again, with all these things to mind, it's best to leave all battery servicing to our GM certified and factory-trained technicians at Crews Chevrolet.

Battery Age – A Definite Factor to Vitality

The age of a battery will certainly affect the powering of windows and may produce a flickering of interior lights while driving. Headlights may also dim as well as affecting all other functions and systems drawing power at the same time.

While tested during servicing at Crews Chevrolet, older batteries are likely to be replaced. With a fully stocked inventory of ACDelco batteries on hand, battery replacement procedures are easily performed while you wait.

Once completed, you're on your way to a safer winter and confident holiday driving season.

GM Certified Servicing, Technicians at Crews Chevrolet Near Mt. Pleasant

It's most important to leave battery maintenance, servicing and replacement to certified GM professionals versed in such expertise. In a secure space, all battery servicing procedures are handled safely without ever the need of your physical involvement. This aside from your decisions made.

So, leave it up to us to remedy all vehicle battery issues as they present themselves near Summerville.

Crews Chevrolet – For All Your Car Battery Servicing Needs

Make an appointment or simply stop by our local Summerville area, GM certified service center today.

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